Uchi Mata Distortion

Uchi Mata (pronounced oo-chee matta), comes from the martial art of Judo.  It is a technique that has been consistently responsible for more victories in Judo competitions to this day.  Like its namesake, the Uchi Mata distortion, is straight forward, flexible, and highly effective high gain distortion pedal.

The three band EQ allows you to dial in the perfect metal tone from 80s thrash with super scooped mids to modern djent with boosted mids and everything in between.

– sturdy die cast aluminum enclosure
– true bypass circuitry
– premium quality 1% metal film resistors and 5% box capacitors to ensure maximum tone
– premium quality switchcraft jacks for years of reliable use
– operates off of a standard Boss style 9V DC adapter (center pin negative) or battery
– controls: Level, Gain, Bass, Middle and Treble controls.
– extra bright LED to ensure on-stage visibility.

Custom Options:
– Knob style and colour
– Enclosure colour
– LED colour

Tone demo

The Tone King unboxing video

The Tone King demo

uchi mata


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